It's the best part of my summer!

I've studied yoga with Stephanie for fifteen years out on Fire Island. Every summer I am thrilled to walk to the beach in Fair Harbor and do a class — it's the best part of my summer!

— H.K.

“Grey veil of "fog" lifted!”

Steph I don't know what you did, but the grey veil of fog I was carrying around was somehow dissipated by your fine touch.  Many, many thanks.

— J.J.

I get so much relief from our sessions. My two pinched nerves and connected pain were not responding to drugs. You are doing what you are meant to do and where you are meant to be. I thank the Universe.

— Michele.


“Everything we wanted and more.”

Stephanie cradled my head and I felt tensions instantly release. I laid Kai (my baby) on my legs and as I relaxed, I felt him being energized by the new experience. As I inhaled and exhaled, I felt myself let go of tensions that come with being a new mother. As she continued to work with me I became more relaxed and aware of my body, breath, heartbeat. I became aware of the clarity in my mind, the strong mother being regenerated and that my baby was receiving the energy traveling thru my body into his.

— Kim and baby Kai.


I came to 5 yoga classes this week and feel so much stronger. It feels like I have been away on a retreat. 

— M.R.

This is a yoga practice — not a yoga perfect.”

Yoga on the beach with Stephanie is an amazing experience. I had never done yoga before, and never felt like a beginner or giving up. And that is all because of Stephanie. Stephanie appreciates that the class is held in the most beautiful setting, and she encourages students to be present, get in touch with themselves and pay attention to how their bodies feel and at the same time take in the elements - the warm sun, a cool breeze, the sounds of the ocean. We may even stop to watch dolphins as they pass by. Stephanie always encouraged me to practice at my own pace and to the best of my own abilities. Her knowledge of the body, dedication to learning, attention to the importance of alignment and protecting your joints combined with the humor that she brings to her class creates a very safe space to learn and strengthen your body. Stephanie has a way of explaining the different postures in a way that makes perfect sense, and I improved and got stronger over time. I learned to flow not only physically, but also mentally. Stephanie often reminds us that that "this is a yoga practice and not a yoga perfect." I now try not to miss a yoga class.   

— A.D.

All I can say is — it is pure bliss.

Stephanie is a very gifted bodyworker. She has very healing and loving energy. I have had sessions with Stephanie when I have had severe pains in my body. When I got up after the session, I was pain free or nearly pain free. It is almost miraculous. I have also gone to Stephanie when I simply wanted to feel good. All I can say is - it is pure bliss. 

— S.A.

"Part of being a Fire Islander for me is being part of Steph’s tribe."
the wonderful Nancy Connor Cray — greatly missed.

the wonderful Nancy Connor Cray — greatly missed.