Stephanie rogers

Stephanie rogers

Stephanie Rogers RPE, RYT, RCST, ASCE

Stephanie helps people learn how to feel better in their bodies with touch, movement, and diet.

Stephanie is an energetic body-worker specializing in Biodynamic Craniosacral and Polarity Therapies. She is a registered yoga teacher, practicing Hatha yoga, and focuses on body alignment. Stephanie is an Ayurvedic Nutrition self-care educator offering an approach to diet and mindful eating based on your unique mind-body type.

Stephanie works on Fire Island and Long Island from late April through mid-November. She is available to see clients and teach the rest of the year in New York City and can be contacted via phone or email to make an appointment.


1964  Graduated from Wagner College, Staten Island, NY

1996  RPP - Graduated from NM Academy for Healing Arts

2001  RCST - Graduated from Wellness Institute, Brooklyn

2007  Teacher training with Matkin Yoga: 200-hours

2007  Registered Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance

2009  Registered Polarity Educator with American Polarity Therapists Association

2009  Began Ayurvedic Nutrition course with Ayurveda, Polarity and Yoga Therapy Institute of New Mexico

2010  Completed 300-hr yoga teacher training with Matkin Yoga

2016  Completed Ayurvedic Self-Care Educator course